Lee Sang-hyeok

Lee Sang-hyeok, the man behind the world famous alias “Faker”, is one of the modern day stars of esports who has fast-tracked himself to legendary status by virtue of his accomplishments and performance level. Entering competitive League of Legends as a rookie in 2013, Faker was a national champion within two seasons. He would go on to repeat that feat five more times, a record, including the 2013 Winter season in which his team went undefeated en route to the title.

Internationally, 2013 was also the year Faker made his mark, winning the first of what would become three World Championship titles, in total reaching four finals on the world’s biggest stage.  No other star, outside of those playing alongside Faker, has even managed to put two World Championship trophies on their mantle-piece.

In a game which has seen such a rapid turnover of top talent and a meta which can veer from one extreme to another, it is a testament to Faker’s excellence individually and as the cornerstone of the SK Telecom dynasty that he has been built around, to great success domestically and internationally, again and again. There have been many great players and champions in League history, but none have so thoroughly dominated their position or the game to the extent Faker has and as such he is considered one of the rare names to transcend his game and achieve esports-wide acclaim.

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