Lim Yo Hwan

Lim “BoxeR” Yo Hwan became one of the most popular StarCraft professionals for his creativity, innovative strategies and over the top micro management. With his insane skills, he turned the Terran race from the weakest faction into a winner’s choice, revolutionizing the way the Terran’s are being played and inventing strategies, still used today.

BoxeR dominated the scene for years, winning two WCG and Starleague championships as well as the KPGA Tour and also forming the highly successful team SK Telecom T1. After switching from Broodwar to StarCraft 2, he continued his career once again as founder of a successful team: “SlayerS”. An organization that would win the prestigious Global StarCraft II Team League two times in a row.

But fans of the RTS-genre will mostly remember him for his dominance during the formation period of professional StarCraft competition.

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