It’s safe to say that Jang ‘Moon’ Jae Ho revolutionised an entire esport; his mastery of the Night Elf race in Warcraft III led him to create his own unique strategy for them, earning him the nickname ‘The fifth race’ and later setting the benchmark for all future Night Elf competitive play.

Born in 1986, the Korean first started playing professional WC3 in 2003, just after The Frozen Throne was released. Of the four races to choose from; humans, undead, orcs and night elves, Moon quickly became attached to the last, showcasing the strength of the night elves in the MBC Sonokong Prime League II, his first competition. Despite his inexperience in esports he finished first, and started what would be a lengthy career live on Korean national television.

His success didn’t stop there; Moon went on to win multiple tournaments both nationally and internationally, making him the highest earning Warcraft III player. With such a record it seemed obvious Moon was a natural at the game, but Jang was up for a challenge. From 2010 till 2012 he also started playing StarCraft II, becoming a hybrid player and leaving his mark in countless tournaments for both games.



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