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Paul Chaloner
Almost two decades have passed since Redeye began his journey in esports and now, nearly 20 years later he has covered over 60 different games, attended more than 230 esports events and was called "The voice of esports" by ESPN. It's safe to say, there are few in esports who can match his experience or his passion for esports.
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Jason O'Toole
Affectionately known as ‘The Bald Eagle’, Moses is the most accomplished and experienced CS:GO broadcast professional in North America. Getting his start as a pro player based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Moses was one of the highest ranking Counter- Strike 1.6 players in NA. Since his retirement as a pro he has worked in original content creation for ESEA and Room on Fire as well as working every major date in the competitive CS:GO calendar for the last few years. Moses is known for his ability to break down complex analytical information for an audience, bringing a versatility and breadth of knowledge to the broadcast lineup as caster or analyst.
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Luís Mira
Luís “MIRAA” Mira is a Lisbon-based journalist working with, the leading coverage website in the world about competitive Counter-Strike, the game he has played and enjoyed for the past 18 years. Previously, he worked as a correspondent for SkySports and reported for other sports media outlets, including’s international edition and Portuguese newspaper A BOLA, and for the defunct competitive gaming website
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Duncan Shields
Thorin, also known as "The Esports Historian", has been working as a journalist within esports since 2001. Known in equal parts for his productivity and spicy opinions, he has covered numerous esports titles, with a particular focus upon the Counter-Strike franchise but also including the likes of Quake, StarCraft and League of Legends. In 2017 Thorin won the Esports Journalist of the Year Award at the Esports Industry Awards.
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Christian Lord
Business Director of DreamHack, former Head of Esports. Co Founder of DreamHack Open, founder of DreamLeague, 10 years at DreamHack. Editor and reporter for Rakaka 2008-2013. Competed and been involved in esports since 1998, Quake 2, CS, WoW.